Speaking up on Racism and Diversity


The killing of George Floyd was a shocking and tragic reminder that in 2020 we are far away from achieving equity for all people of the world. We live in unjust and unfair societies, where those of us in privileged positions too easily forget that truth for those that live it every day.


We must do better than this.

We have thought long and hard about how best to support both this cause and also step up our efforts to make a lasting positive difference to society and the lives of the oppressed, the forgotten, and the vulnerable.

Mojiworks is a small but telling example of how easy it is to be complacent. Although we have been recognised for the work we’ve done on gender diversity inside the company and industry, we have not been successful in doing the same for racial diversity. We need to better serve our community and represent our mission of bringing people closer together and ultimately changing the world for the better.

Here are some of our initiatives to try to help right now, and meaningfully for the future:

Donating all revenue from today, 11th June 2020, to Black Lives Matter. We’ll also match all donations made by Mojiworkers to this cause during June, and will start a permanent program to match employee donations to charities we support from annual profits.

Establish an internal diversity group and a formal training program in inclusivity and allyship for all current and future employees.

Work with industry groups, including BAME in Games and POC in Play to guide us how we can make positive impact on the game and tech industry, to ensure that we're making opportunities as visible and accessible as possible, and we'll use our platforms to amplify the voices of others.

Start B Lab assessment and certification as a B Corp. I believe that companies can be a force for good in the world, and that we should measure the value we create as more than a single bottom line. B Corp assessment will measure our impact on society and the world, and if we hit the bar B Corp certification will legally recognise these as requirements for the company. If we don't, we will strive to improve and make the grade.

We are committed to leaving the world a better place than we found it. I hope that through these efforts we can make some positive impact in this present moment and in the long future ahead.

Black Lives Matter.

Matthew Wiggins, CEO Mojiworks, June 11th 2020

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