We imagine games starting with 'what makes this only possible for us?'

Then we make them real with the latest web tech to bring mobile-quality 3D games to real friends around the world.


Trivia Party, our next Snapchat game, brings the humble quiz game kicking and laughing into the world of Bitmojis.

Flex your brain with real friends in the smartest house party ever!


Battle with teams from around the world to win the Party Crown and prove your smarts.

Coming soon to Snapchat


In 2019 we reimagined the cooking game for our first Snapchat title. The team competition gameplay was an instant hit, with 5M players in week one alone.

(we're now at well over 25M players - and we're just getting started)

Chef mashes up expectations: native-quality realtime multiplayer with your real friends inside your conversations, but without skimping on the tasty content (we're adding more 🍌🥑🌶🍳🍟🍔🌭🌮🥗🍣 all the time) and a deliciously moreish meta.

Oh, and we were the first external developer that Snap trusted to use 3D Bitmoji. And they look great!


It's a proper mobile game, but without the filler. Fancy a second helping? Of course!


More coming soon


We're doubling-down on Snap Games. Want to join us make the best games for real friends?

Mojiworkers Bitmoji December 2019.PNG