Hello! We're Mojiworks, the people hellbent on making the world's best messaging games.

We know what you’re thinking: why messaging games? Good question. Billions of people use messaging apps every day, to bridge the gap with faraway friends and family or simply to share their favourite cat GIFs. It’s these pre-existing relationships which totally and utterly excite us. With just one tap, you have the potential to make someone’s day that little bit better.


We started out in 2016, working in a cramped office above a bank, asking ourselves the important questions. What makes a good messaging game? How do we get groups of people to play together? Who’s making the next cup of tea?


Since then, we’ve learned some lessons, skinned a few knees and upgraded to a shiny new office. Now we’re gearing up to bring you the best games for messaging which you’ll want to play with your friends again and again.


Gosh, it’s exciting.

Our games are made especially for messaging, building new ways for people to spend time together, whether it’s groups of friends, parents and their children or new co-workers still in that awkward phase of not knowing what to say to one another.


In fact, we’re even prepared to take things one step further and say we’re the only company out there making messaging games which puts this kind of socialisation first. 

Luke the art goblin

'We put the tea first. Oops, I mean the TEAM.'

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A company is only as good as the people who help build it, and right now we’re on the lookout for folk who are just as serious about making something special as we are.


We’re a motley crew of go-getters, big on collaboration, learning fast and the occasional doughnut. Our goal now is to continue assembling a team who can help us get progressively better at everything we do. If that sounds familiar, we want to hear from you!

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