Our Story


Our team gains enough personpower to make Moji Bowling! It’s a very different game from MojiQuest, but proves to be just as popular, garnering 250,000+ downloads in its first week of release.


Later on, Mojiworks receives a second round of investment led by Balderton, and we shift our focus to Facebook Instant Games.


Very happily (and not a moment too soon), we then move into a spacious new office, complete with bean bag chairs.

The here and now

And that brings us up to today. Whew!


We’ve come a long way in a short amount of time - learned a few lessons, skinned some knees, and perfected the art of tea making.


Now we’re spending all our mana to bring you the very best chat games you’ll want to play with your friends again and again.


We do our best work together, with candour and humility. We listen to each other, speak when we have something to say, and help our fellow Mojiworkers.


Inclusive teams make the best games, which is why we put diversity at the heart of everything we do.


We like to learn quickly, constantly tinkering to evolve our knowledge and behaviour. Data informs our intuition, and we encourage player feedback every step of the way.